​For several years prior to founding American Defenders of Freedom in 2005, Bill Hunter was concerned that Americans defending our God given freedoms were loosing their lives and suffering severe injuries without knowledge of the God of the Bible, the creator God of the Universe. Those Americans who faithfully serve our Nation deserve the living hope freely offered by faith in Jesus the Christ. Bill's focus is that every American that defends our freedoms - our way of life - have the opportunity to hear the promises of the God of the Bible for protection, strength, courage, encouragement, hope and blessings. Combat never occurs knowing the outcome of life, death, injury or the victor. Prayer is often the only expression of hope expressed. The question most often asked in the unknowns of combat is, "does God hear my prayer?" The Bible provides the answer to that question. A  Tract for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps that answers that question has been generated for our defenders of freedom (our troops). When this is explained to a defender of freedom, by a Chaplain, that troop is given an American Defender of FreedomCoin as a reminder of both his commitment and as a item to carry on his person - a reminder to pray. The high quality Coin, the size of a silver dollar is sought after by our Military. It is part of the Military culture today. Since 2005 we have provided almost a half million Prayer Coins without charge and even more Prayer Tracts. The testimonies received from Chaplains regarding the effect of our materials on troops seeking God's assurance invoke tears of joy and thankfulness.

​The ministry of American Defenders of Freedom is supported by Chaplains, Chapels and friends of the ministry.