​​​Who Are We We are a non-profit 501c(3) corporation, approved by the IRS, incorporated in the state of Arizona under the name "Homeland Prayer Force, doing business as "American Defenders of Freedom." We are not associated with or part of any government or agency. Our purpose is to supply without charge our ministry materials to Americans involved in defending our God given freedoms. The purpose is clear, we provide our Combined Forces Prayer Coin and Prayer Tracts that are specific for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps for purposes of sharing the gospel of Jesus the Christ and encouraging prayer to the God of the Bible.

Board Of Directors

Bill D. Hunter, Chairman and President


                                  Lee Alton, Secretary                                                                         Jon Hermanson, Treasurer

                              Alton Financial Services                                                      Rauch, Hermanson, Everroad & Rentschler, Ltd.

                                                                                                                                             CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS

​​Financial Statement  American Defenders of Freedom is an IRS 501c(3) approved non-profit public charity (Ministry). The EIN is 04-3722697. The ministry is donor supported, operating on a cash basis and does not incur debt to advance the ministry. The ministry has a perfect credit history with its vendors, all vendor bills are paid within 30 days. Both our attorney and CPA  provide their services without charge.

The current cost to provide a Prayer Coin and Prayer Tract to a Chaplain any place in the World is approximately $4.00. A standard shipment consists of 40 Coins and 40 Tracts. We use the U.S. Postal Service who ships directly to the military postal system.

The ministry is financially blessed by generous giving of American Patriot and Military Chaplain supporters. 

About Us